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Michael Felten


Michael is a landscape photographer currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  His journey began when he became fascinated with time lapse photography.  Inspired by Tom Lowe’s movie Timescapes, he experimented and researched how to create the perfect shot.  Eventually he made his own motion controlled dolly out of PVC pipe!  It was cheap, but it helped create some stunning time lapse videos.  This work led to a collaboration with Nightmare on 13th, one of the nation’s best haunted houses.  Photographing inside of the near pitch black house created very unique challenges and the resulting pictures were moody, dark and extremely colorful.  This artistic style can be seen throughout his collection as he continues to experiment with new photographic techniques to create beautiful, grandiose pictures.

Check out some pictures I created for Nightmare on 13th

Here are some of my time lapse videos:

Fantasy Canyon Timelapse

Goblin Valley Sunrise

Bryce Canyon Sunrise

Snowbird Ski Resort Timelapse